Power to provide, & peace of mind.

A job is more than a steady paycheck.
We offer our team members greater financial & emotional security
through our exceptionally thoughtful & comprehensive benefits package.

"It’s really easy to come to work. Our team of four in the warehouse is really close."
– Ashly Pribbenow
"Better wages, better profit-sharing, and better health insurance than my last manufacturing job. This is the best place I've ever worked."
– Wally Anderson
"We have so much vacation to be able to do our family events, our fishing trips, to watch our children graduate from high school & college."
– DiAnne Bade
"When I'm having a bad day, I can talk to my sisters here at work. I want others to feel the same way."
– Camelia Ramos
"My #1 recommendation to new employees is to ask questions. I’ve had similar jobs, & the people here are more helpful & better communicators."
– Alex Camarillo
"I love the opportunity to grow in this company. KLN’s had an amazing impact on my life. This is the place to be right now."
– Joe Peterson

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The Perks

Stability. Security. Opportunity. A rare combination.

At KLN, our success is your success. We’re committed to returning value to those who’ve helped us earn it. Through our profit-sharing plans we pay out millions every year to employees just like you.

In 2022, we gave back a record-setting $5 Million in profit-sharing.
Power to provide for your family, and peace of mind.

Health &

Generous health coverage plans

Wellness Program to earn health insurance discounts & support your wellness journey

Near-site clinic for our employees with free office visits & over 300 free prescriptions offered

Vision & dental plans

Early cancer detection screening


$10,000 forgivable home loan program for qualified employees

Save for retirement with a 401k match

Recruiting bonus

Competitive compensation + profit-sharing

Childcare assistance

Company store

Physical &
Emotional Wellbeing

Gym membership for you and your family

Resources for emotional wellbeing and work-life balance

Paid vacation, plus an extra day to use during your birthday month

Employee appreciation meals & gifts throughout the year

Personal &
Career Growth

Tuition reimbursement for full-time employees pursuing professional development courses

Make an impact. For every hour you volunteer, you receive $10 to give. For every dollar you donate, KLN will match.

Career advancement opportunities

The KLN Dream Manager program – live the life you want

Purple Squad group raking leaves

Give Back • Community • Integrity

What We Do:
Community Events • Day of Caring • Giving Tree • Charitable Golf Outings • Stuff the Bus • Attending Local 5k Races

Our Mission: To assist our greater community by donating our time, talents or financial resources to worthy causes, events & people. KLN employees believe strongly in giving back, helping others & making a difference.

We formed the Purple Squad to give our employees the opportunity to make a lasting impact for others & our community.

The Dream Manager Program

What We Do: Help our employees live the life they want. Every employee at KLN Family Brands has a story. We all have experienced success & failure. It makes us who we are. Our strengths come from our story. Now is the time to chase those dreams. Our Dream Manager assists employees in remembering to take the time to dream and set personal goals. Monthly, over the course of a year, employees work alongside our Dream Manager to realize and achieve a dream. Maybe it means having a safe place for their child to spend time while they are at work. Maybe it’s having affordable housing options close to work. Or, maybe it’s buying the car they’ve always wanted or splurging on a vacation. Regardless of the dream, we want to help our employees accomplish it.

Our Dream Manager is a licensed therapist who has worked with young adults & families for over 20 years. She has access and connections to many resources & services for individuals to utilize.

So start dreaming!

Purple Squad group picture at a parade with the Wiley Wallaby mascot and a clown

Fostering a military & veteran friendly environment

What We Do: Embrace our proud community of employee veterans who support & encourage each other through shared experiences. By bringing together our unique background of military service, we seek to harness these strengths to better serve KLN Family Brands.

We foster a military & veteran friendly environment by:

  • Supporting KLN’s commitment to workforce diversity
  • Developing a network of KLN employees that served or are serving in the military
  • Promoting a greater understanding of the sacrifices & contributions made by veterans
  • Assisting with community outreach events
  • Serving as an information & support conduit for KLN employees called into service or who have family members serving
  • Fostering relationships with veteran-focused organizations
  • Providing information to employees regarding resources that may be available to them
KLN Family Brands Building Connections
Learning • Development • Support

What We Do: KLN Building Connections is a platform that brings women together to be a resource for one another. Our events provide leadership development opportunities, create engagement and professional networking among our different facilities. KLN encourages growing women leaders and this program promotes personal & professional development. We want all women to know that we are in this together.

“Knowing content and format will resonate differently with all individuals, we host events that vary in both format & subject matter in hopes that each attendee can take with them one or two nuggets of insight they can use in their own lives – at work, at home or at play. With feedback received such as “… this was great, I feel like I am more a part of the KLN family now…” and “… that was awesome, when can I attend again…” it fuels our goal to continue to bring women together to learn from & support each other.”
Diane Colosky – KLN Building Connections Member

KLN Family Brands Latino Luncheons

What We Do: Build connection within our KLN Latino workforce with monthly Diversity & Inclusion Luncheons. The luncheon allows our employees to have their voices heard and focus on improving opportunities for leadership throughout the company.

“For me, Latino lunches are one more way that KLN shows that people come first, just as customers are important, employees are equally important. And with these lunches we seek integration and open our minds to the diversity of tastes, cultures, & traditions – mixing cultures, ideas and ideals. Once again thank you for the importance you give to our culture and letting us know that our presence counts.”
– Nanci Arevalo