Something for everyone, even the furry variety.



NutriSource® is a line of premium pet food, treat, topper and freeze-dried products. All NutriSource® kibble, cans and a variety of treats are made by Tuffy’s Pet Foods, Inc. and Tuffy’s Pet Treats, which has specialized in the manufacturing since 1964.

Today, NutriSource® offers a variety of different dog and cat food products across our four lines of NutriSource®, NutriSource PureVita®, NutriSource® Element Series and NutriSource® Choice. We exemplify the heart of small towns everywhere: compassion, integrity, and a deep-rooted sense of community guide our choices.

photo collage of 3 pets (2 dogs and 1 cat) with NutriSource products


At Finley’s, we think you can learn a lot from pets. They love unconditionally, have good intuition and give everyone an equal opportunity to be a companion. That simple lesson has become our greater purpose. We make our pet treats with just a few all-natural ingredients and a whole lot of kindness. In fact, every bag purchased helps fellow community members with disabilities gain confidence and independence through paid work experiences. Learning critical thinking, social, and financial skills will empower them for a lifetime. Serving pets and supporting others is truly a rewarding treat.

photo collage of dog holding bag of Finley's treats, 2 Finley's ambassadors with products sitting behind a table, and a young man with his dog

Natural Planet™

Natural Planet is a brand founded on love for our canine friends, their well-being, and the earth. Our great tasting treats are specifically formulated with premium ingredients in a plant-forward world free of fillers, colors and artificial flavors, using clean ingredients. You can be assured that when you purchase Natural Planet products every bag will reflect our passion for creating the highest quality pet foods.

photo collage of Natural Planet treats, 3 Natural Planet treat bags, and a dog in nature backlit by the sun

Wiley Wallaby®

America’s #1 Premium Licorice is a better way to enjoy a timeless classic! A shorter, thicker piece without a center hole enables us to infuse a better bite and burst of flavor into all of our candies.

With a variety of flavors ranging from Classic Red to Sourrageous Drops, and a wide selection of sizing, there’s a Wiley Wallaby option for every retail center. Visit our website to discover more about our favorite flavors, or connect with our sales team to build a program that works for your business!

photo collage of Watermelon Wiley Wallaby licorice on a plate, woman holding out bag of Wiley Wallaby while biting a piece, and a pile of various bags of Wiley Wallaby

Sweet Chaos™

A well-deserved sigh of pure relief — a delightfully disruptive break in your day, Sweet Chaos is full of sweet (like candy) and sweet (as in awesome) popcorns for every craving!

Non-GMO kernels are hand popped in coconut oil for a creamy richness. Then, we add real seasonings or delicious drizzles all while skipping the nasty, artificial stuff. Visit our website to discover more about our amazing flavor options, or connect with our sales team to bring a little sweet to your chaos!

photo collage of women opening bag of Jalapeno Blue Cheese Popcorn, popcorn in a bowl, and woman pouring bag of Movie Theater Butter Popcorn into a bowl